20′ Money Maker

20' Money Maker

This beautiful stand has?a footprint of approximately 26?x 12.? It has a large flashing marquee and serves a variety of foods. Elephant ears, funnel cakes, deep fried twinkies, snickers, and Oreos, fried Pepsi and Dr. Pepper, hot cheese nachos, hand dipped sweet garlic corndogs and seasoned curly fries are some of the items that this stands typically features. This concession stand is our biggest money maker. It?s sure to add to your event.

The Sweet Shop

The Sweet Shop

The Sweet Shop is a classic concession stand. It takes a footprint of 24?x 12? it services on three sides or it can be used in a line of food stands serving from one side. Hand dipped corn dogs, cotton candy, snow cones, carmel apples, popcorn, hotdogs, hot cheesy nachos and ice cold drinks are the typical menu items served at the Sweet Shop. It is a beautiful stand with 360 degrees of large windows. It is also equipped with a large flashing marquee sure to draw the young and ?the young at hart. The sweet shop is a great addition to any event.

Nick’s New York Deli

Nick's New York DeliNick?s New York Deli is a New York themed stand featuring East Coast favorites such as pizza, philly cheese steaks, New York hot dogs, coney dogs, fresh cut curly fries, Italian sausage, sliders, pork chop on a stick, chocolate dipped cheese cake, Italian sodas, and ice cold drinks. It takes a footprint of 20?x30? and has a spectacular look sure to make your event look and taste great.

Pirates of the Pacific

HPIM00022-630x472Pirates of the Pacific is a pirate themed menu featuring delicious foods such as: Organic oregon raised 1/4lb beef ?burgers, Fresh cut fries, Hand dipped sweet garlic corn dogs, Giant smoked turkey legs, Organic oregon raised chicken wings, chicken strips, local sausages, teriyaki chicken and jasmine rice served with a fresh salad topped with a house made poppy seed and lemon dressing, fresh made non alcoholic Pina coladas, grilled pineapple, and ice cold drinks. This stands takes a footprint of 20?x30? and debuted at the 2011 Oregon state fair. Needless to say it was a hit. This beautiful stand is built with real bamboo and with full colored graphics. It is sure to make your event a hit.

The 16 Footer

IMG_1114Our 16 Footer is our most versatile stand. It features menus from elephant ears and funnel cakes to sweet garlic hand dipped corn dogs. it takes a foot print of approximately 20?x8? and features a large well lit rotating marquee. This stand is perfect for any event.

Scone Booth

Oregon State Fair Scone BoothOur Scone Booth is our biggest stand at 40?x 40? It serves a myriad of sinfulltreats but is most notable for our famous fair scones and elephant ears. This stand is at the Oregon state fair and is bookable for large events. It takes a monstrous undertaking to build this stand but it has generated over 20,000 dollars in sales in a single day. It is our biggest stand and offers almost any sinfulltreat you can imagine.

The Burger Stand

IMG_1167The Burger Stand takes a footprint of approximately 26?x12?. It features items including 1/4lb burgers, sausage, fresh cut curly fries, hand dipped sweet garlic corn dogs, hot cheese nachos and ice cold drinks. It features a giant full lit rotating marquee. It is designed for service on one side and will be a great looking addition to any event.

16′ Pizza Stand


Our 16? Pizza Stand offers hand made pizza, chicken strips, fried raviolis, seasoned curly fries, deep fried candies and ice cold drinks. It is equipped with a back lit marquee and rotating lights it is a beautiful stand and offers delicious pizzas.